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Tuesday, November 27

8:00 am

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8:45 - 9:30 am 

Keynote​: Bridging the Gap Between Technology and Reality: Moving From Trials & POC to Commercial Deployments

Daniel Obodovski, Managing Director, SCALE San Diego

As we struggle to scale technology deployments in the industry, many vendors still don't fully understand the problems their technology is supposed to solve. Getting past trials and POC requires an effort to understand the industrial problems in detail and even more importantly, it requires thinking in terms of operationalizing data insights.

9:30 - 10:20 am 

Blockchain's Increasing Role in IoT

Don DeLoach, President & COO, Atonomi (moderator)

Joe Renz, President, New Mobility Lab 

Chris Rezendes, Executive Staff, Contex Labs

Jeff Weitzman, VP, Commercial Strategy, NSW IoT, Nokia

Blockchain (and distributed edged technologies) are playing an increasing role in IoT. Yet we are still in the early days, where questions regarding various consensus technologies, “pure blockchain” vs. alternative, public chains versus private chains are all subject for debate. This panel is designed to explore the nuances of blockchain in IoT and engage that very debate. 

10:20 - 10:35 am 

Networking Break

10:35 - 11:25 am 

The Impact of Wireless Communications Technologies on IoT Solutions

Achim Buecklers, Vice President - Sales, Qualcomm

Christian Olivier, President, SigFox

Olivier Pauzet, VP & GM, IoT Solutions Business Line, Sierra Wireless

Rafael Salmi, Global President & GM, Richardson RFPD (moderator)

David Smith, CTO, Multitech

Wireless communication technologies are key to the successful deployment of IoT solutions in the majority of vertical markets. Our panel of global communications experts will explore the various wireless technologies from Cellular (LTE, 5G) to LPWA (NB-IoT, LTE-M, LoRa, Sigfox) and discuss their impact on larger scale deployment of IoT Solutions.

11:25 am - 12:15 pm 

Security in a Cyber-physical World

Ian Greenblatt, Managing Director & Technology/Media/Telecom Practice Lead, JD Power (moderator)

Jeff Gardner, President & CEO, Brinks Home Security

Mike Mackey, CTO, CENTRI Technology

John Sheehy, VP Sales, Strategy & Strategic Services, IoActive

As IoT evolves, the role of security is steadily moving from a view that “good” is “good enough” to an understanding that IoT, without the bailout to trust the elements of the infrastructure, is extremely compromised and the value diminished. As more and more vulnerabilities are exposed, we are beginning to see an awakening as to the extreme importance of security for IoT. This panel will explore the variety of elements ranging from the physical security through the digital ecosystem, and how security is becoming a central part of the IoT equation.  

12:15 - 1:15 pm 


1:15 - 2:15 pm 

Organizational Issues & Getting Beyond Pilots

Chad Dirks, Engagement Director, Softweb Solutions

Jeff Dymond, Sr. IoT Solutions Architect, Dell Technologies

Eric Simone, CEO, ClearBlade, Inc. 

David Vandekieft, VP of Technical Sales, Lab651

John Whitton, VP - US Markets, Softweb Solutions (moderator)

IoT continues to gain traction in many verticals. This panel will ask panelists to share their real-world experience with going from an IoT pilot project to full production.  As many initial pilot projects never make it to production, panelists will discuss what factors were involved and how it is possible to plan ahead to assure a successful production launch. 

2:15 - 3:15 pm 

Beyond Implementation: IoT Policy, Stakeholder Engagement & Communications

Brenna Berman, Executive Director, City Tech Collaborative

Chris Black, IoT/Digital Transformation Practice Lead, CDW Direct

Danielle DuMerer, CIO, City of Chicago

Glenn Eden, Executive Vice President, Technology, Weber Shandwick

Anita Nikolich, Visiting Fellow, Computer Science, Illinois Institute of Technology

This panel will discuss the softer, yet still challenging, side of IoT implementations including policy development, stakeholder buy-in and communications.  Even a perfect technical implementation can fail due to poor planning in any of those three aspects.  The panel members will share their experience both with policy and stakeholder engagement related to projects like smart lighting, open data and sensor deployment and the related implications of privacy, security and maintenance at an enterprise scale.

3:15 - 3:30 pm 

Networking Break

3:30 - 4:30 pm 

AI & Machine Learning: Challenges, Implementation & Adoption

Sravani Bhattacharjee, Principal, IrecaMedia Solutions

Scott Bolick, Head of Portfolio Strategy & Industries, Uptake (moderator)

Paramita Das, Group Business (Mining) Executive to CEO, RioTinto

Matt Jennings, SVP of Strategy & Go To Market, SAP


In this panel, we will explore the value of data-driven technologies and the challenges with implementing and adopting them broadly in industrial settings. In particular, the panel will address the spectrum of deployment from prototyping to scaling and touch on securing and governing data paradigms.

4:30 - 5:15 pm 

Afternoon Keynote

Chris Gladwin, CEO, Ocient

Bob Rivkin, Deputy Mayor, City of Chicago

Kristi Ross, Co-CEO, tastytrade

Join Chris Gladwin and Kristi Ross alongside Bob Rivkin, for this insightful conversation about the Chicago Technology Initiative. Get a peek into what the future will bring, and how Gladwin and Ross, alongside other industry leaders, are looking forward to Chicago's rise as one of the top tech hubs in the country.

5:15 - 6:15 pm 

Networking Reception

Wednesday, November 28

8:00 am 

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8:35 - 9:15 am 

Keynote: Resiliency and the Future Cyber-physical World

Brenna Berman, Executive Director, City Tech Collaborative

Don DeLoach, President & COO, Atonomi

Chris Rezendes, Executive Staff, Contex Labs

Think: the world progresses to a data level 50x where we are today, and 95% of the data – which now not only touches everything cyber, but most everything physical as well – is controlled by a handful of companies. This keynote will examine where we stand today concerning resiliency, the tech bubble and its consequences, and considerations for a framework of how we might adapt to this new world.

9:15 - 10:00 am 

The Current and Future Impact of IoT in Healthcare

Julia Bello-Bravo, Co-Director, SAWBO

Steven Collens, CEO, MATTER (co-moderator)

Barry Pittendrigh, Co-Director, SAWBO

Regina Schwind, CEO, Onclavus

Ethan Sutton, Data & Analytics, Ernst & Young (co-moderator)

Join us in this session to learn about the current and future state of IoT in healthcare. Our panelists will share their regional and global experiences with building internet of healthcare technology companies, the opportunities and barriers that exist today from a technology and market perspective, and the role of connectivity in the future of IoT. 

10:00 - 10:15 am 

Networking Break

10:15 - 11:00 am

Industry 4.0 for Intelligent Factories

William Doherty, Senior Pre-Sales Solution Architect, GE Digital

Jim Gillespie, CEO, GrayMatter

Tessa Flippin, Manager, TechNexus

Aaron Tersteeg, Internet of Things Evangelism Team Manager, Intel (moderator) 

Kai Wang, Director of Global Partner Alliance & Business Development, NexCOBOT

Matthew Zupan, IIoT Application Developer, Micron Manufacturing

IoT is Transforming Operations and Empowering People. Industrial manufacturing companies are working to modernize their factories with the right hardware, software, system integrators and services partners. The panel will discuss thoughts and experience across the value chain that include workload consolidation, software based automation, data driven operations and improving field services.

11:00 - 11:45 am 

Midwest IoT Innovation Awards

Winner - IoT Innovation - Rising Star: HAAS Alert

Winner - IoT Innovation - Lighthouse: HERE

Winner - IoT Transformation: Caterpillar, Inc. 

Winner - IoT Advancement - Government/Academia/Non-Profit: Array of Things

Winner - IoT Ecosystem Growth: Lab 651

Winners of the inaugural Midwest IoT Innovation Awards join us to discuss what their companies are doing to help them stand apart from others, as well as advances they're making in IoT.

11:45 am - 12:30 pm 

Lunch Break

12:30 - 1:15 pm 

The Role of IoT in Mobility, Smart Cities & Urban Technology

Brenna Berman, Executive Director, City Tech Collaborative

Chuck Byers, Sr. Technical Leader, Software Engineering, Cisco (moderator)

Bob Mazer, Founder, Smart City Works

Jerry Quandt, Executive Director, Illinois Autonomous Vehicle Association (ILAVA)


Our panel of experts will explore the impacts of IoT on urban environments, smart cities, smart buildings, and connected transportation systems, with special focus on how buildings, cities, and the mobility enabled by smart transportation interact with each other to support exciting new use cases and IoT applications. When these systems are richly instrumented with IoT sensors and actuators, interconnected with wireless and wired networks, and equipped with distributed computing, analytics, and storage resources, our daily life will be transformed. 

1:15 - 2:15 pm 

Connected Spaces & Construction

Andy Hosman, VP of Operational Risk Solution, Sphera

Brad Nicholas, Formerly VP - IoT Engineering, Uptake

Phil Perkins, CEO, Rocket Wagon (moderator)

Akshat Thirani, Co-Founder & CEO, Amper

Gus Vidaurreta, General Manager SE & Latin America, Rocket Wagon

With an increase in new manufacturing, construction, and warehousing incorporating IoT infrastructure, join our expert team of panelists for a look at the impact, as well as major forces driving disruption in the industry. Gain insight into new innovations, organizational barriers, and walk away with knowledge of how to see past the complexities of connected spaces and their effect on construction, instead looking towards their value.

2:15 - 2:30 pm 

Networking Break

2:30 - 3:15 pm 

Retail & Supply Chain: Evolving from Pilot to Production

Brian Derrow, Program Manager - Custom Applications Group, Zebra Technologies (moderator)

Jim Hilton, Director - Vertical Marketing Strategy, Zebra Technologies

Mike Paolella, Director, Engineering, ShopperTrak

David Parker, Chief Revenue Officer, Cloudleaf

Kelly Stickel, Founder & CEO, Remodista


As always-connected shoppers in the "Now Economy" come to expect faster & higher quality experiences, retailers and their supply chains are transitioning their IoT solutions from pilot to production.